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The Eddie's Place restaurant menu is inspired largely by a trip to New Orleans that Eddie took back in the mid 1990s. The decision was made to combine a Cajun influence with classic american style. Since then, our cajun-styled menus have been a success in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our philosophy is to give our customers what they want, so as long as it's in the house we'll do our very best to give you just what you're looking for!

At Eddie's Place Restaurant your meal is prepared with fresh products that are delivered daily. For the health conscience, we use a 'no trans fat' Soybean Oil. Our wide range of menu selections combined with a friendly neighborhood atmosphere makes for a truly unique dining experience. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction, so please let us know if we don't meet your expectations.

And we update our monthly menu specials at the beginning of each month, so check back frequently to find out what delicious food we're serving this month!

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